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I believe in free, open knowledge available to everyone. As a result, I support and encourage the dissemination of free cultural works, as defined on

The Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license allows you to use my work freely and free of charge, modify it, and redistribute it for any purpose, as long as you appropriately attribute it to me.

On the web, please use a hyperlink to link back to this site, like so:

Guillaume Paumier, CC-BY

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To credit me in printed publications, you can simply use the website's address, since it includes my name:, CC-BY

Both on the web and in printed publications, the Creative Commons Attribution license requires you to provide a link to its legal code. As far as I'm concerned, that link doesn't have to be in the credit line; I don't mind if it's on another page.

If you have any questions about what you can or can't do with my work, or how to credit me properly, please feel free to ask for clarification.