Jellyfish 1969
Pacific sea nettle jellyfish

Pacific sea nettle jellyfish

You’d have a hard time trying to convince me to go swimming in waters where there might be jellyfish. But put some glass between me and them, and I can watch them for hours.

It's exceedingly difficult to take pictures at an aquarium. It's not just the reflections that you need to elude, but also the deformation caused by the aquarium glass.

I hadn't got my Lenskirt yet when I visited the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, so I avoided reflections by sticking the lens to the glass. It worked pretty well but made it more difficult to focus properly. This series of photos consists of those that were in focus.

This series shows the Pacific sea nettle jellyfish (Chrysaora fuscescens). I'm always fascinated by jellyfish and I can watch them sliding elegantly for hours. The golden-brown color of this particular species makes them especially attractive, because of the complementarity with the water's blue background.

Jellyfish 1970

Jellyfish 1974

Jellyfish 1997

And because I'm in a good mood, here's a little extra: a short video clip of the same kind of jellyfish. That one was taken at the California Academy of Sciences last November. I recorded it with my phone so the quality isn't fantastic, but it's still pretty, especially considering that this is the first time I record and edit a video.

If you can't see the video, you can also watch it on Wikimedia Commons and YouTube.