Foire à la brocante aux Quinconces 0064 - L'évolution humaine
Human evolution at a junk fair

Human evolution at a junk fair

An old biology book, a terrestrial globe and a human skull wearing glasses: this is the sort of weird arrangements you may encounter on a French open-air junk and antiques fair.

I love junk and antique fairs. I never buy anything, but I love walking around and taking pictures of old objects and antiques. They're sometimes juxtaposed in a fun or absurd way, as is the case here. I also like the composition of this picture and the complementarity of the colors.

The book is the first volume of L'évolution humaine des origines à nos jours : étude biologique, psychologique et sociologique de l'homme, a four-volume collection on biology, psychology and sociology published 60 years ago. As for the literate skull, I decided to call him Charles, in a striking feat of unoriginality.

moulins à café

Traditional manual burr-mill coffee grinders.

This particular junk and antiques fair took place at Place des Quinconces, a huge square in Bordeaux, France.

Ceci est une pipe.

Ceci est une pipe.

I like all these old objects, because they feel like tethers to a past I wasn't a part of. Taking photos of old stuff feels like preserving it for posterity.


Close-up on an old foosball table.