Dear blogger

Vitruve Man

An open letter to writers who restrict the content of their RSS feed to only include a short excerpt of their articles.

Dear blogger,

I assume that you write your weblog in order to be read. The more people read your work, the further your ideas travel and the more impact you have. At least, it's how it works for me.

Like many other readers of yours, I use RSS feeds to stay informed of new articles you publish. I collect RSS feeds from many websites into a desktop application that sorts them by topic.

I happen to travel a lot these days, which means I have scarce Internet connection. As a consequence, I update my RSS feeds when I can and read them offline later, for example in the train I am right now.

The problem is that your RSS feed only contains the first three lines of your article. Sometimes, it even cuts  a sentence in the middle. In order to read the full article, I have to visit your website, because somewhere in your blog's configuration, you disabled a setting allowing the full article to be included in your RSS feed.

Please don't do that.

Derivative work of the I want you for the U.S. Army nearest recruiting station poster

Yes, please.

Don't force me to read your work online on your blog. It's annoying. It's rude. It frustrates me.

I want to be able to read your work wherever I am, whenever I want, even if I don't have an Internet connection. I am really interested in what you have to say; I value your ideas, your insights, your sense of humor; I enjoy reading your prose.

Dear blogger, if you care about your readers as much as they care about what you have to say, please make it easier for them to read your work. Not more difficult.

Thank you.