Cleanroom guided tour

The lab where I currently work recently inaugurated two new buildings dedicated to technological research. As the official photographer for the event, I took this opportunity to take a few pictures of the facility itself to illustrate related Wikipedia articles.

I currently work at the Laboratory for analysis and architecture of systems (Laboratoire d'analyse et d'architectures des systèmes, LAAS) in Toulouse, France. It has recently been extended with two new buildings, one of which is hosting the brand new technological facility. It is mainly composed of a 1500-m² cleanroom used to assemble micro- and nanosystems in a dust-free environment.

Besides the speeches by various political representatives and high-ranking researchers, the inauguration was also a great opportunity to document the facility and its equipment. Even though I didn't have a lot of freedom (or time), these pictures can be particularly useful to illustrate relevant articles in Wikipedia, such as Thermal oxidation or Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition. And once a media file is on Wikimedia Commons, it can be used across all Wikimedia projects, such as Wikipedia in Russian or in Japanese.

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For more photos, check out the "LAAS technological facility" category on Wikimedia Commons.